What is a mentally healthy business?

Mental health is still top of mind right now and it’s easy to see which companies are making the effort. But how much work are they actually putting in?

Mentally-healthy businesses go way beyond work perks and accolades.

They’re structures built with humans in mind from the ground up.

A mentally-healthy business is made up of three parts:

  • You, as the founder, CEO, partner, or executive
  • Your business systems and policies
  • Your workers and contractors

Let’s take a closer look.

Starting with you

A mentally-healthy business starts with a decision-maker taking wellness seriously, both personally and professionally. By prioritizing their own mental health, executives can lead by example and become advocates for change.

Creating systems and policies for business wellness

What’s the point of saying a company is eco-friendly if they constantly waste energy? It’s the same with mental health. Mentally healthy businesses embody best practices for business development and growth, which in turn support…

Healthy workers

Flex scheduling may sound awesome unless it’s being used as an excuse to pay below-market rates. And you can’t create a positive work culture without systems to create accountability and leaders to practice it.

In the end, a mentally-healthy business is not something that’s added, like a benefit, or promoted like an initiative. It’s literally built into the business framework itself.

Now I’d love to hear from you. Do you know any mentally-healthy businesses?

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